Friday, August 19, 2016

Vacation Plans

Going on a vacation starting this Sunday, but I want to be able to keep working on at least one of my comics. We'll be flying and driving and staying in hotels and whatnot so I need transportation friendly supplies. 

The majority of American Brainstorm is on a six-panel grid, or at least a three-tier structure. My originals are 10x15, so that breaks down pretty easily into 6 even panels. 

What I've done is taken this mistakenly ordered 11x14 paper, cut it in half and ruled out one tier on each half page. 

Once I have these all ruled out, I can leave my larger ruler and triangle behind, and just take my smaller tools. I have legal clipboard I can use as a sturdy surface to work on. 

So, even though I'll be on vacation, I hope to get at least one tier a day done. 

I'll post them here as I try to keep up. 

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