Thursday, September 01, 2016

American Brainstorm Page 10, Tier 2, Erasing, Photo Reference, Gym

Vacation and flu and recovering from both are behind me. Time to get to work!

In the first panel of this tier, I started with a drawing of a generic chair, and then I went to put our right-wing hero on it. I could have started with his legs, to situate him on the thing, but instead started with his shoulders and chest where I guessed they would go. 

Well, that was stupid. What happened was I didn't have nearly enough room for his legs, so I had to draw out most of the chair. But his legs were still too small. Then I worked on the head and the proportions just went further out the window. 
I did like the skipping soldier though. So! I erased our hero. And I went with some photo reference. 
After getting over the shock of how badly my body has deteriorated after two months away from the gym (and six months of bad attendance before that), I at least could figure out the fundamental  "person tied to a chair" proportions that I assume are taught in every sequential arts class. 

Next I went back into the drawing. Even with erasing, I was left with the remnants of my previous drawing, so I stuck with some of that, scrapped the full-body shot and went with the tighter shot. And then I threw some shadow down. 
I feel alright about this. On to the next tier!

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