Monday, February 20, 2006


Okay! We haven't officially launched the new Cliff Face Comics website, but we're hurtling towards that date like frozen squirrels down a giant water slide.

Right now, we're playing around with some ideas. A multiblog of epic proportions. Hopefully, it will work like this:

The main page will feature the Cliff Face Comics blog. This will be like our old 'NEWS' page, only in blog form. We'll be able to post more often and there will be RSS feeds and whatever other bells and whistles this software comes with. There will also be links to other people's blogs, including our own.

While we want to keep the Cliff Face blog fresh and vibrant, there's too much of a temptation to put lots of crap up on that page and crowd out important Cliff Face new. So, Marcos has his STICK IT MAKE IT ICE blog and I have this.

I'm sure I'll post about the world of ephemera, but this will hopefully primarily be my work journal. My work being the acclaimed Earth Minds Are Weak minicomic. That's 'acclaimed' as in, "Acclaimed that new issue would be out this month, but it won't be ready in time."

More on this after I have a cigarette.


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