Friday, July 22, 2016

A return to blogging?

I have something that I'm working on that I think calls for a return to old-school blogging. Now the challenge will be to get it posted in fewer than three and a half years. 

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Phone test & music in 2013 so far also 2012

Maybe I'll post more than once every few years now that I know there's an app for my phone.

It's Feb 7 and I think 4 great albums have already come out this year:

A$AP Rocky's Long Live A$AP
Nosaj Thing's Home
My Bloody Valentine's m b v
Four Tet's Four Tet - 0181

Special runner up to Burial's Truant/Rough Sleeper thing that came out in the middle of December that I didn't know existed until January.

My 2012 listening was highlighted by..,

Alcest, Angel Haze, Azealia Banks, Baroness, Bear in Heaven, Best Coast, Big Boi, Bobby Womack(!), Burial, Cloud Nothings, Dan Deacon, Daniel Rossen, DIIV, Exitmusic, Family Band, Fiona Apple, Four Tet, Grizzly Bear, John Talabot, Julia Holter, Kendrick Lamar, Killer Mike, Krallice, The Man with the Iron Fists, Marissa Nadler, Matthew Dear, Mi Ami, Miguel, Mohn, Moonface, Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Nas(!), Neurosis, Nicki Minaj, Nicolas Jaar, Pallbearer, Passion Pit, Pinkish Black, Prince Rama, Regina Spektor, ROSENKOPF, Sharon van Etten, Simian Mobile Disco, Torche, Twin Shadow, Whirr, Witch Mountain, and Worm Ouroboros that order, although that Killer Mike has me by the gonads right now. Earlier in 2012, I would've said that about Cloud Nothings.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


My friend James took something I wrote the other night and had this animated man recite it. I have been in tears ever since. Truly, this is the future.


Sunday, October 09, 2011


I did a couple drawings for the support page of ZOMBIE BEACH! THE MUSICAL, which appears to be a very worthwhile cause looking for your support. I'm going to try and do a little more work for them in the future, and I'll be able to do more and more, the more support they get, so look into it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Who says you can keep a good man down? Not the CLASS act at Martini Movies. The first in the inebriated film series missed by PB (out of town) and The Monster (knee injury), this Straw Dogs write up was cocktail commandeered by the always-present-in-spirit-never-before-present-in-body Cecil (with able assistance from Wrong). The marriage of author, concept and film couldn't be better...or more unsettling.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Houston, the latest Martini Movies is go. Find out the real reason no one went to see Apollo 18 again.

PB and I thought we might not even post a review of this event, as it seemed lacking in both film and event, but PB pulled it out of the fire of flaming space capsules to reveal the truth as best as it could be pieced back together. I laughed at the whole thing, and there were a few surprises... all the more surprising to me, and I was there!


Saturday, September 10, 2011


Martini Movies went to see Conan about 90 weeks ago. We finally dried up enough to post about it.

Adventures on Apollo 18 should follow shortly.

Something called Mojito Movies has now sprung up, as we continue our mission to dilute the original Margarita Movies concept like so much ice sitting in your tumblr.


Friday, August 05, 2011


"Welcome to the first installment of Martini Movies, the east coast response to LA’s own street-gang-turned-bloggers organization, Margarita Movies. Why Martinis? Because we have some fucking class, that’s why. New York is a city of car-less alcoholics, and we celebrate this with proper drinks before indulging in the latest cinema offerings.

"Our inaugural outing sees us gathering at the Belmont, a bar in the NYU-infested region of Manhattan called Union Square. Cecil is absent, leaving myself, BMAC, PB, the Monster and a press-ganged Wong to pre-game for Cowboys & Aliens, a movie about James Bond and old Indiana Jones fighting special effects. I should be more excited for this, as cowboys and space men shooting each other is exactly the sort of reptile brain call to action I can’t resist, but the trailers are all people looking super serious and not at all enjoying the ridiculous situation they’re in. Not to mention that Harrison Ford’s film choices of late have led us as a people to some very dark places, and it’s hard to shake the fear that Shia Labeouf may appear at any moment, swinging from vines and pissing all over our childhoods."

And so lamb ushers in a new era of people talking about movies you shouldn't see. As with most of my endeavors, it is really just the excuse some friends and I are going to use to get together, drink, laugh and see terrible movies. Something we should all be doing frequently anyway. Well, it's that plus we are going to tell you about the the time spent together. It sounds exciting doesn't it? Well, it is. We're all rather fun to be around, even when you're only around us electronically.

Martini Movies


Monday, July 25, 2011


Speaking of ass-kicking, my friend Justin Jordan and his partners Tradd More and Felipe Sobriero are on the FRONT COVER of the August issue of Previews. Their new series THE STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE will be available to buy in October.

I've seen some samples over the past year? Two years? And the progress has been quite a thing to follow. FRONT COVER OF PREVIEWS! That's nuts. Asses must get back in gear.

SEPTEMBER 28 – JULY ummmm...25

Where does the time go?

Well, my desktop computer died 10 months ago and I couldn't hook my broken-down laptop up to my scanner. That, combined with [whine whine whine], and there hasn't been much to post here. For ten months.

Anyway, moved to Brooklyn. Set up my new studio. Have not bought a new computer yet. But that should change in the next couple weeks. All part of my getting my ass back into gear plan.

Marcos (maybe half-jokingly) declared business back in business and set the target: SPX 2012. It's a good deadline. Something I think we can capitalize on. Or I can. At least one of us will be there! FOR SHOW!

Will probably start streamlining things. Finally throw the archives up online in fulls. Get to work.

Anyway. I'm back. And I'm never leaving again. Team Bring It!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

There's a lot of important stuff I need to do

So, here's the album cover for Muerte St. Testes' Ridiculometal... or something

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