Friday, April 06, 2007


The cover and first three pages of Earth Minds Are Weak #8: Kaiju Jugoruma. A 15-page preview is up here. It's not live at the store yet. But if you actually want it, order something else for a total of $3, include a message in your order that you wanted #8, and we'll send you both. It's like a buy-one-get-one-free sale!

Begining in issue 8, it's a brand-new serial: Kaiju Jugoruma!

It's about 100 years in the future and things are much the same as they are now. Except the buildings are much taller. And some of the cars can fly. It's while flying in one of those cars, among those tall buildings, that a man has his day interrupted by another man falling out of the sky and car-jacking him. Featuring transvestite drag racing, robot road vacuums, rubber-masked secret police, excessive pet ownership, a night club chanteuse, psychedelic ingestion, shady club owners, geriatric street gangs and an aggressive ad campaign featuring a giant bullfrog.

Contains the first four chapters of Kaiju Jugoruma. 44 B&W pages and full-color covers. 7"x8.5". $3.00


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