Monday, September 04, 2006


Well, I've finished the inks for the first four panels (the first page) and hope to get into the next four in a couple of minutes. Here's the finished inks for the first panel:

Let's see, I added the background in after the foreground was done. I knew the image needed something, and the missing thing was faux wood wainscoting. Nothing says, "Justin Fox drew this" quite like the appearance that the comic takes place in a finished basement somewhere. I'm pretty pissed at the way the lettering and the art interfere with each other. This is what happens when you decide to do the lettering AFTER drawing the damn thing. I'll probably try to fix that as I move along.

The rest of the panels look about as good as I can make them look.

So, the process is: finish inking everything, scan it all, assemble the pages, digitally fix the egregious errors, print and assemble the books. I have 36 days. There;s still a few things I have to do with the other books in this issue, and a few #6s to print AND a shitload of #5s to print. 36 days.


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