Monday, January 01, 2007


Of doing business.

The bottom tier of page 27, the first page of chapter 3:

Chapter three has changed a lot since I last worked on the book. With holidays putting ye olde crimp in the business, I got to step away and reconsider things. I also got a chance to re-watch Blue Velvet and some classic Loony Toons. Both have re-awakened certain beasts inside, and chapter 3 looks like it will reflect said beasts. Rowr.

Heightened is the word of the day. This also means that we're looking at a higher pager count. I trashed all but two of the previous subsequent 10 pages. And then beefed the whirlwind up to 14. I've inhaled it, now I'm going to exhale it with Martian super breath and Venusian super breadth. Bigger. Fatter. Major chords.

The first half of the next page will get me out of the olde gameplan and the second half has rabbits.

Rabbits. They change the flavor, blowing in like a noir-easter. Crack the plastic grass and jump in. Use this hole. Don't be late. Doc Wattups.


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