Saturday, July 14, 2007


I'm so happy, right now, I needed to do some jazz hands. Jazz Hands! Comics needs more jazz hands. I gots what you need, comics!

Anyone who read the first four issues of EMAW probably recognizes a recuring motif on this page... that's right, A HAT! This page was supposed to be the NEW page 10 (bumping th olde to page 20), but then I realized I miscounted my double-page spread's placement. So, I had to add ANOTHER page in before this. That makes this the new page 11! The olde page 11 will be the new page 22. The new boss will be the same as the olde boss. Kenny! Get on a Bruce Springsteen Clone Army comic, STAT!

So, why am I so happy? Is it because my computer is finally up and really running? Partly. Is it because I'm not feeding myself with vending machine meals paid for with spare change? Also, partly. Is it because I finally caught up on my emails? Well, no. I haven't done that at all. What about finally sending those gifts I need to send out? Nope. Did I get something extra special in the mail? Yessssssss... more on that later. Have i sent out the mail I needed to send out? No. Did I get a few pages done today after a week of not accomplishing anything? YES! Whoo-HOO!!!!!


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