Thursday, May 29, 2008


NO color. Today, I'm thinking no color for Mr. Eybyaninch. Of course, then I look at a panel like this one, and I think color might help it some. Maybe if I just go back in and spot some blacks it will be fine. Drop some shadows.

I also printed and assemble a dummy of the big, silly cheese fight comic that turns into abstract art comedy. It's called Earth Minds Are Weak #10: THE SAUCE OF CONTENTION! And it is a deluxe 7x8.5" edition, printed on faux parchment paper and bound in a Jupiter red pearlescent cardstock cover. And It will have stickers affixed, but I need to get me an X-Acto for that. It's both a commentary on the Omnibus-Masterwork-Archive-ing of silly action comics, and something that makes me laugh. Mostly the latter. Ask for it by name or vague description!



Blogger Mike Short said...

Just wanted to drop you a note and say that all your work here is really inspiring me to draw comics.

10:12 AM  

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