Friday, June 12, 2009


HAHAHAHA. I actually wasn't going to say say MoCCA was nearly as hot as people have been making it out to have been (I mean, we were in the ultra-smelly, air-conditionless room in 2005 and last year's 100 degree day wasn't mitigated by air conditioning), but then I saw the picture Shawn Hoke posted of Marcos and I from Saturday's show. HAHAHAHA

He also has a photo of John Mejias' new Paping. This is the first time since... SPX 2005(?) That I haven't bought something(s) awesome from one of the Paping/Partyka tables (I didn't realize Shawn Cheng had a new book). That new Paping book, by the way, is absolutely beautiful. Any other year, I would have bought it already and tore through it. Any other year. But at $100... not this year. John took me on a tour of it though. I think it's safe to say that they've surpassed Paping 14 (my #2 book of 2006).

Jog had some nice words to say about Mr. Eybyaninch #2 and a look at some cool books. Pushwagners Soft City is the one I'm beating myself over not getting. All is not a loss, though. I actually DID get a Romanian comics anthology, so who is jealous now?

It's been a while since I've promised a thorough look at the books of a past show, and even longer since I fulfilled such a promise. I make no promises now, but I really do hope I find the time and energy to put one together.



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