Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Okay, I did slack off a little. I didn't get AS MUCH work done as I wanted to, but blowing those sketches out of my system last night didn't affect things too much. I probably could have stapled a little more, maybe printed one or two sides. But I did print out all my EMAW #1s, stapled two thirds of Good-Bye and cut my #2s. The real time killer is the only 4–5 hours of workable time after work. The sketches are more of a mind killer.

The saddest thing about some of those sketches is that they remind me a lot of stuff I did in elementary school/junior high. Even some of the drawing looks the same.

Well, not the Batgirl. She drawn good.

I like the fact that I tried to make Black Canary and Huntress look more like they're on the same team, even though they cleary come from different dimensions with different anatomical and biological laws. The women of Earth-2 are HUGE, they have hips designed for dropping three-four kids at a time, shame their heads are so, so tiny.

Actually, I like the Canary. In design and drawing.

Speed Ball, despite looking the most like what I would have done as a kid, is the bestest design. He's been 15 or so for the past 15 years. he should dress more like a 15-year old, reality tv star with super powers—which is what he is—than a kid squeezed into Steve Ditko-designed condom—even though he is that too (and I should have incorporated more Ditko squiggles). It's the four-finger rings that make it for me, reverse-print embossing so he can leave his imprint everywhere as he bounces around—including your FACE.

The original X-Factor supporting cast, the X-Terminators (sort of). Artie and Leech are the awesome. Rusty and Skids are just there. Caliban too. I figured, what would freakish-looking kids, who've been home-schooled most of their lives, with strange talents do with their lives as they left home? They would go into stage magic, just like they do in the real world.

Whatever happened to these guys? Were they just added to the list of kids Cyclops abandoned to the wilds? Did they lose their powers in M day? In my mind, they're still aboard Ship, standing tall in the lower east side.


Blogger Marcos Perez said...

speedball rules. all heroes should be reimagined as street tuffs.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Justin J. Fox said...

I don't think people realize that one of the things that made Kirby genious was hitching his wagon to current and somewhat passé trends.

Disco gods? Surfing god? Skiing god? Boxing god?

Where's the Grey iPodder when you need him?

2:05 PM  

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