Monday, March 27, 2006


We need to stop the influx of wonderful French comics. Stat. I'm reading Dungeon: Twilight Vol. 1, and it's just a great little book. I like all the Dungeon books so far, but the added elements of perpetual twilight, new character designs and my growing familiarity with Trondheim/Sfar's art sets this book above and beyond. It's darker, it's sweeter, it's prettier and it's uglier. I need to look at the first books and see if I notice a difference in art styles. In this book, Trondheim does the first chapter and Sfar does the second. Despite their differences, they still manage to make the book seem cohesive. And gorgeous.


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Blogger Kenneth Belasco said...

Wow $900 sign me up!

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Blogger Justin J. Fox said...

Think of all the Dungeon books I could buy!

7:56 PM  

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