Friday, March 03, 2006


Disclaimer: show size comments and superhero comments don't mean I'm not interested in the show. In fact, I'm having thoughts that could swing other way. I also left some shows out. And added some Top Shelfless.

WONDER CON (San Francisco): FEBRUARY 10 - 12 — This show is behind us, but most of these thoughts are for next year anyway. Right now, it's WAY too close to APE, two trips to SF in two months is a bit unfeasable. APE is the show that focuses more on alt. comics, so it seems like the obvious winner.

MEGACON (Orlando): FEBRUARY 24 - 26 — I bet Orlando is nicer in February than New York. Hopefully, this won't be scheduled ON THE SAME DATE next year. Even so, this is a minor supes convention, but the only one in the state.

NEW YORK COMIC-CON (New York): FEBRUARY 24 - 26 — Some people (the locked-out fans) thought this went horrible and some people (the non-locked-out exhibitors) thought it went amazingly. I don't know if there's much logic to doing this AND MoCCA unless we are on a cranked up schedule. Also, superhero show.

STAPLE (Austin): March 4 — This is a very small show, focussing more on Austin cartoonists. No big alt publishers, but some alt-popular cartoonists. I AM interested in going to Austin. Imagine Carl in Austin! I think he's own the town!

FLUKE (Athens, Georgia): APRIL 1 — I'm surprised Top Shelf is doing this, as the impression that I got was the show was just a rented out bar with a table for minis. I suppose Shelf does publish and promote the minis of their cartoonist stable. This show is always intriguing to me, but it's only a week before APE.

EMERALD CITY CON (Seattle): APRIL 1 - 2 — Same scheduling problem as FLUKE. This is a small show, with most of the tables occupied by Dealers and West Coast publishers.

ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO - APE (San Francisco): APRIL 8 - 9 — I love San Francisco. I love it in April. APE is one of the big three small shows. We are going this year. We hope we're not on top of the ladies' room but that are neighbors are just as cool as last year.

SPACE (Columbus, Ohio): MAY 13 — Probably the fourth biggest small press show. It's only one day. It's really cheap to do. It's right in the middle of APE and MoCCA (space and time wise).

COMICS EXPO (Bristol, England): MAY 13 - 14 — I'm very curious about this. Same date as SPACE. Much more British. I can think of one Cliff Facer who would be interested in checking it out. Mixed group leaning on the Brit mainstream.

MOCCA ART FESTIVAL (New York): JUNE 10 - 11 — Potentially our biggest show. Sort of. SHOULD BE OUR BIGGEST SHOW. We see this year.

HEROES CON (Charlotte, North Carolina): JUNE 30 - JULY 2 — Supers.

SAN DIEGO CON (San Diego): JULY 19 - 23 — The show of shows. At some point we will have to do it. Assuming Speilberg doesn't buy up all the tables.

WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO (Chicago): AUGUST 3 - 6 — Really supers.

DRAGON*CON (Atlanta)v SEPTEMBER 1 - 4 — Isn't this a sci-fi/gaming convention?

BALTIMORE COMIC-CON (Baltimore): SEPTEMBER 9 - 10 — Supers. Usually right around...

SMALL PRESS EXPO - SPX (Bethesda, Maryland): DATE TBD — In 2005, despite selling almost nothing our first day, THIS was our biggest show. Well, MY biggest show. The social enviroment CAN'T BE BEAT. And my sales on Day 2 matched all of MoCCA.

More thoughts to come...


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