Monday, December 11, 2006


or Now That's What I Call Service! Vol. 7

I mentioned yesterday, somewhere in those ramblings, that Jude had all of our collaborative bar drawings. Well, this morning she gave me a couple (and then yelled at me). Here they are for your Eddy Vacations. I'm sure you can click to enbiggen:

This first one is a Jude solo piece she did while I was having a cigarette. She's like my private Eddie Campbell. It screams the guy. I love the line of his arm. That's a gorgeous line.

Things got less life-drawingy when we doodled together though:

I should note that these were all done with a single ballpoint pen on lined notebook paper. Jude's cat is the standout, here. But I'm also fond of my nervous McGruff.

Here's a wild bar scene:

Olive Oyl is a sad ballerina, and Popeye is the artisic director oblivious to his suroundings. I love the Ruebensesque woman on the left. In the back, I'm not appologizing for the woman I drew so badly we made her Santa Claus.

Speaking of Santa Claus, I'm writing this just two weeks before his birthday, or something. Here's this year's Broughan family Christmas card:

I was a bit surprised to learn that our little doodle would be greeting folks in New Zealand this season, but I think it's pretty cool for yule.

Hopefully, I'll have more of these to share as we do more. I need to remember to get some pens and paper, so we don't keep wasting hers...


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