Monday, January 01, 2007


Finished the pencils for pages 28 & 29. I'll see if blogger will let me upload images again before I go to bed.

As it's now 2007, I was supposed to have my big alltime list done, but I've only just gotten through the Rs. The list has 2,138 songs on it so far. I've already edited some earlier stuff out, back when I thought 2007 was too HUGE a number to fill. And once I finish going through my library alphabetically, I'm going to have to go through it again, to grab songs I've picked up since the project started. Which means that it's looking more like a 2008 Greatest Songs list now.

Saw Casinno Royale, breaking my near-year streak of theatre avoidance. Well, three in one year. It was good. It's all been said already, but it was very enjoyable in a Bond-grows-up sort of way. The song sucks, though. It's 2007, can we all finally stop pretending that Chris Cornell is any good? It's been, what, 16 years of this nunsense? And the last half hour is also problematic. It could've been set up better. And paced like the rest of the movie.

But there was a big Parkour scene, with a real freestyle runner. And there was David Craig, being better at all the things he has to do than anyone who ever played the part. And there was Eva Green making me wish I was watching The Dreamers again. And Jeffery Wright was there making me ask, "Why is Jeffery Wright in this movie?" Then I found out, but still felt like I'd like to see him in a movie where he plays an actual role. Caterina Murino made me thankful for spanish-language tv. Giancarlo Giannini is always nice to see in english.

Fun times. Maybe I'll go to the theatre again someday. Maybe soon. Children of Men, Pan' Labyrinth, Inland Empire... probably other stuff. Oscar season brings them out. It's like one of those copias. Of corn.


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