Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I needed to scan this just to see if I was even on the same planet as a working image. This is the shit that drives crazy.


Been reading Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill's Complete Nemesis the Warlock. It's fun stuff. At it's best when it's at it's most insane, at it's worst when Mills goes for banal or O'Neill's grotesqueries make his images unreadable.

It's both inspiring and depressing. Inspiring because O'Neill was about the same age as me when he started The Gothic Empire story and all his engines were firing. Up till then, his work was really uneven (if incredibly creative). He was still throwing shit onto the page to see what would stick though. That's reassuring. And it would be 15 years before he found his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen style.

The depressing thing is that Mills and O'Neill were throwing SO much out there that you can't help but get stuck in the tar pit of "Is there anything else left?" Of course there is, but it's hard to see it when you get yourself all immersed.


Hey, how come we're not talking about Hans Rickheit every second of every day? Kevin Bramer discussed him over at Optical Sloth on Friday. The dude might be crazy as fuck.

I'm gonna see if any of the local shoppes have his books, and then I'll order some when they don't have it all.


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