Friday, February 09, 2007


Seventy-five cents done.

I promised myself I wouldn't buy any new comics until I finished the ones I already had. But then I finished the ones I had on me at work.

Paul Pope's tightest work to date was his new Batman Year 100 book. It was also the first time I've seen his work work well with color (in a comic). He's got a bit in the Fantastic Four anniversary issue coming out and then... that art book, I guess. He promises more announcements in the future. Hopefully something tight like Batman but not... well, you know.

Atlas #3 is the latest in Dylan Horrock's new series. The first issue came out in... I think I was still in college. At this rate, he should get to the actual story sometime in 2035. The good news is, the book looks nice. I think it's his best cartooning to date.

Mushishi is teen Hellblazer with ameoba-insect-bacteria things for demons. Enjoyable. More promising than successful, but pretty successful. Next one's in May, probably before the next Atlas. Ouch.

Tank Girl 3! This is the first Hewlett-arted Tank Girl I've found in my 'quest' (I think you need to spend more than forty minutes over two weeks to qualify what you're doing as a quest). This was collected after the movie was made and features some bits where writer Martin bemoans the whole of Hollywood. So far, the book is quite fun, but I'm trying to decide if the occaisional unreadability of the thing is part of the genious, a flaw or just the price best paid. I have this question about a lot of the olde Britishers...


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