Saturday, November 24, 2007


So, we did about a full day of Suave. Marcos did most of the actual work, but Kenny got the rest of his stuff down and we goofed off a bit. Some of that might make the cuts.

Then I was back here and back to comics work. Here's the first inking pass with a number 2:

Usually, what I like to do is get some ink down on every panel, starting with the upper right and then down the page like I'm reading it manga (because of the left-handedness). But now there's ink on the entire surface. Like when you try to activate the canvas in painting.

Since the panels are small, and the spotted blacks aren't overwhelming, I probably won't go above a number four brush on this page. But that is the next brush. Fill in those blacks and get some serious coverage down. Then I'll probably switch back down to another number 2, then the nib for tight details.

I haven't decided how I'm going to go about the backgrounds yet. Since there's not much room, they're only indicated with a few lines. I might go in with the Pitt pen or I might do it with the nib. Either way, I'd like to keep them light on the details.


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