Friday, November 23, 2007


Happy Birthday to me! One year older and miser.

Page 13 took a bit of time because of all the perspective — the mind killer. And then I screwed it up a bit too! So, I'll have to fix some of that up. Pages 14 and 15 should go faster.

As a gift to myself, I went to the Jim Han;ey's 30%-off sale. THat's a hard deal to beat. The store was actually not nearly as crowded as I feared. It was more like a Wednesday than an inpenetratable mob. Picked up the third 4th World Omnibus, that Tekkon Kinkreet brick, Monster 11 and the third New Tales of Old Palomar. Now THAT'S a haul. Should keep me pretty occupied while I'm on my epic trip to Florida.


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