Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Page 22! that's 5 pages in the 100 pages in 141 days project! And there's still a lot of night left. This also puts me on my way to my minigoal of hitting Page 25 before February.

I think Marcos is going to release some big, unexpected news soon. Hopefully over at the Cliff Face site. Maybe this week?

In case you're betting on the news, the serious money is on us both being pregnant. That's right: Manspecting.

It's either that, or we're both going to play in the ultimate game of danger and thrills... starring in a Terry Gillaim movie. Honestly, can that guy ever get a break? Is Sub-Zero on his production staff? Is Buzzsaw a grip? Is Dynamo a gaffer? Is Captain Freedom an Assistant Director? Will Richard Dawson buy his next script for a dollar? Have I taken it too far?

Ohh! Fireball! I forgot FIREBALL! Um... is Fireball a costume designer?


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