Saturday, January 19, 2008


40% done! I'd like to get 50% done before the end of the month. All part of my 100 Pages in 141 Days to MoCCA Speedgavadanza.

Some subjective backgrounds to take us out of this chapter. It's the Mambo No. 5 of pages with a little Eisner by my side and a little Steranko something something. Although he wasn't the first to use the technique, Oliver Stone was the first I heard to to give it a name. He used backscreen projection for his subjective backgrounds in Natural Born Killers.

First thought of the day:

Are all non-smokers this irritable all the time? Is that why no one likes you?

Second thought of the day:

I can no longer tell the difference between my neighbors' love of football or their dogs' lonliness. It all sounds like the same high-pitched wail. Touchdown or starvation — you make the call.


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