Monday, February 20, 2006


Issue #5 is now available in the online store. It is three minicomics, all bundled together in one bright pink envelope. The packaging idea was stolen from the great Tom Gauld (and Marcos). The three books are:

Lincoln Isn't The Awesome
An attempt to cash in on the runaway success of Carl Is The Awesome. Lincoln, a porcupine, is Carl's neighbor. He is a failure in all aspects of life. Come laugh at his pain.

I Love You
Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Boy eviserates himself for girl. Girl destroys boy. Girl falls in love. Girl grows tired of boy. Girl becomes an alcoholic. The gross goings-on of the ickiest emotion. Come laugh at their pain.

Full-color dream comic, detailing my subconcious state after a personal loss.

Preview art is at the main site. Scroll toward the bottom.


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