Thursday, March 09, 2006


You remember him, right? Always measuring stuff. B. Guy Ling

Paul Pope looks like he works consistently around 19" x 24". About twice up, as I imagined.
Peter Thompson's work for Lucky L.O. is about half lettersize
Seth art is very cheap. He appears to do pencils separate from inks. About twice ups.
Brian Ralph did Cave-In twice ups, Climbing out at 150% approx.
Anders Nilsen 11x14 for Big Questions, 11x17 for Dogs and Water (about 150%)
Jason seems to work about twice up. His work looks much looser when isolated then it does on the page. I think he just has so much ease with the form, you don't notice.
Lutes works twice up. I haven't looked at his work in so long, I forgot how dense it was. Hurry it up, Lutes! Gimme some more! Put your Berlin where my eye can see! Whoo-Ha! Pass the Courvasier.
Harkham worked at just over 100% on poor sailor? Is he the crazy?

Most everyone else is in the same range, but Chester Brown seems to have done 5x5 individual panels on Louis Riel.

I'm still thinking huge.


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