Monday, April 24, 2006


that my math skillz are better than any grade I ever recieved in math classes. If so, we have 46 days until MoCCA. We have 173 days until SPX. I need to take a week away from new comics work before MoCCA to fully prepare for the show (printouts, display, etc). With less than six week to work, and my head in Kaiju Jugoruma, I don't think there's anything else I can wrap my head around and shift into that mindspace fast enough to get done in tim for the show.

That's fine. I had two (four, technically) new books for APE, and they'll still be very new at MoCCA. This way, I can devote all my energy towards completing chapter 1 in time for SPX. That is going to be a tough enough challenge in itself (like Maven!)

I just finished the main body of the second draft for the first chapter. There's some captioning to be done still, but I'm confident I can get that written within the week (fingers crossed). The good news is the body is done and the structure appears to be intact. There's still room for change, but I think it's pretty solid right now.

My original intention was to create a stand-alone first chapter, and I failed at that. But I think there's enough symetry throughout the chapter that it feels like a solid chunk. Also, I think there's enough within that chapter to make the read seem worthwhile. It'd going to be a dense experience, with a lot more text than I would have thought. And a lot of visual information too. I hope it's not too crowded. Should be interesting as it breaks my fucking back.

And that's why I'm working huge ups. About 10:1 scale. Each original panel about the size of my original pages on previous books. Give it all some room to breathe before it's all squeezed down to microcosmic proportions. The print size will be larger, as I'm planning to use legal paper.

It's great when something comes together like that. I was a madman yesterday, putting about a quarter of the pieces into play. I think my manga blaze helped things a lot. I was able to find many things I liked about the books I read, some things I could use and some things I know I didn't like. Mostly, the thing that helped me was seeing character-driven, plot-focussed storytelling laid bare. Usually, most stories are either plot-driven or character-driven, but something like Death Note integrates character and plot to an almost preposterous degree which makes them inseparatable. And also reveals the actual mechanics, like one of those faceless clocks, obliterating the line between form and function.

And that's going to lead me into my next few thoughts on Death Note. Next post!


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