Wednesday, April 19, 2006


They said it would happen, and then it did. AFX: Chosen Lords is the new Aphex Twin album, compiling his Analord singles. It made me realize that while I've listened to many songs from Drukqs, I don't know that I've listened to the whole thing straight. I should do that. Anyway, looking forward to this, even if it's not the playful Richard D. James I love.

I had some extra time before dinner on Friday, so I went to Virgin and listened to music. I listened to the new Bubba Sparxxx, because people who should know better kept telling me he was the goods. There's one or two tracks that sounded good (the one Big Boi produces sounds pretty awesome). I haven't picked it up, because the album of his that's supposed to be the biznaz is Deliverance. Got that last night.

Timbaland mixes future beats with with country! BS: better than you'd think! Super-underrated album! — eh. It's okay.

I give it more listen, but there's two things that stand out: in 2006, the mash of half-assed Tim beats and sampled cuntry ain't that revolutionary AND Bubba Sparxxxx is most remarkable as the least impressive rapper ever. I think he's gone so far out of his way to turn his flow into "just things things he happens to have said" that he's almost imperceptable on his own album. THAT is weird.
I THINK I've figured out how to move scenes in Kaiju Jugoruma. With so many overlapping pieces, it seemed like too daunting a task, but I THINK I did it. I see how it all moves along. I think it will work well. There's a scene or two missing that I need to fill in some upcoming space (for pacing and thematic reasons), but the whole thing is starting to really take shape. I'd like to have one more visual brain nuke in there, but we'll see what happens.


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