Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Brendan McCarthy on Solo #12:

"The guy on the front is 'DUKE' HUSSY. He's a neo-shopper and he's just bought the new 'holed' edition of THE LORD OF NOTHING."

More in link.

So, I've got my SWIMINI PURPOSE and I'll have this in August, but when WHEN WHEN WHEN will I have a constant stream of McCarthy. WHEN!??!?!?!?

And when will I have big fat collections of everthing else he's done?


Well, the bigguns order to Midtown comics went out today. While I was over there, I stopped at the paper store for envelopes for more #5s and the new #7s. Next time, I need a cheaper gimmick. At 50¢ per, these are steep pieces.


Station Agent is next on the Netflix. Added a bunch of Kim Ki-Duk movies too.


Added Elijiah J. Brubaker to the links. He's doing 50 drawings of super heroes, starting with Martian Manhunter, Cyclops and Red Tornado — so he's won my heart already. There better be a Dr. Fate coming soon!


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