Monday, May 15, 2006


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I've been burned many time taney, so after getting all excited about Gnarls Barkley's St. Elsewhere, I decided not to download it on Tuesday. By Friday, I had decided I had done the right thing. Who wants to be disapointed by new music when you can torch a pizzeria?

By Saturday, I had my expectations low enough that I could only be pleased with the album. BAM! Take THAT, low expectations. Elsewhere is AWESOME. Everything I wanted it to be, not at all what I expected and everything I needed.

Apparently, Dangermouse did ups the beats at about 2 minutes each, with plans to cut and loop for length. But Cee-Lo only wrote to the length of the short beats. What you get are all these songs that are just too short, many ending just when they build to fantastic. It reminds me of Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit, ending where you only want it to continue but never going on so long you wonder when it will end.

And what great stuff. I was waiting for Dangermouse to actually work with someone good, and instead of decent beats with wallpaper lyrics from Jemmini or the sloppy mess of the Grey Album (man, that aged like old fish in the sun) or some crappy MF Doom crap, you get a psycheldelic-focussed Mouse pushin' it cinematic like the first DJ Shadow disc or the first RjD2 album with Cee-Lo doin' deliveries.

The worst criticism I've ever seen leveled at Cee-Lo is that he's just a poor man's Al Green (which means you're only listening to some of the sound on some of his tracks), but he comes out on this like he's having more fun than anybody. He goes weird and disturbing and silly and fun. It's Cee-Lo as Oingo Boingo, and that's not Al Green territory. Crazy is perfect, the Violent Femmes' Gone Daddy Gone is better than his take on Talking Heads Sugar (not saddled with Trick Daddy helps), Transformer won't age great, but Go-Go Gadget Gospel will, The Boogey Monster is like Boris the Spider and Nightmare Before Christmas (weird and fun) and Necromancer is Oingo Boingo for the 00s.

The whole thing is great, low expectations are out the windows and now it's nuthin but joy. And, since the songs are so short, you just want to play them over and over again. AWESOME.


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