Wednesday, May 17, 2006


With Season Two so close to being in my damn dirty ape clutches, and Season Three about to begin, the cast of Deadwood have been told that next month they can start looking for other jobs. It's not OFFICIAL, but the plan to do Season 4 has been changed because Rome costs too much money. David Milch has already moved on to another HBO project (but might return to Deadwood if it returns.

The Real Golden Age of television begins closing its door and uprooting the healthy plants to make more room for jalopies.


Scanning, cleaning and page layout SHOULDN'T take longer than the drawing, but that's what happened as I prepped Decaf Zombies. I'm not even really cleaning it, just erasing the staple holes and fixing one girl's mouth so she looked more like she was just a cartoon girl licking a urinal and not a WWII yellow peril stereotype (I tried fixing the tongue while drawing it, but wound up with these two huge buck teeth). Then the page layout kept getting screwed up as I couldn't wrap my head around where images needed to be. Took me two hours, about one and a half hours longer than it took me to concieve and draw — yes, it's a considered piece of class and grace. I still need to fix some of the page positions.

It will be 16 pages (I Love You size), b&w, and really poorly drawn. More poorly drawn than usual.

I really shouldn't be doing these minis at all, but this weather is killing me softly with its song.

There will be two full-color 4-page minis (1/4 letter-size): Dynamo and I Have a Town in My Feet, because I'm stupid as all hell, another 16-page b&w mini (drawn slightly better than Decaf Zombies) called My Boss Drove Me to Drink and possibly the 32-page (1/8 letter-sze) Letters From the Time War — if I decide to throw my life away entirely.

I'm having fun doing these. Last night, I just kept saying Dynamo in my best Challenge of the Superfriends narator voice. Which isn't very good.


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