Thursday, May 11, 2006


I was thinking about tough questions last night. The ones that keep you up at night, the ones you try to solve with alcohol and drugs, the ones your friends, family or clergy can not answer. Questions like:

Which is better: Teenager of the Year or Last Splash? I dumped them into their own playlist and set them on random while working. What is the answer??? What would Carla choose? I can't answer the question. Not yet, anyway.


It's supposed to rain all weekend. I hate the humidity. Inking yesterday was a bit of a bitch. Paper kept lifting of the surface. Brush wasn't holding the ink. Or holding proper points. Ink wasn't coming total black. Fucking humidity. I need to pull a Herriman and move to the desert.


Schedule. Since I'm working on pages in a different way than I originally planned, I'll need a different schedule. I'm currently looking at 1 page/week (without revisions) which puts me finishing around September 27th (20pgs plus cover). Two and a half weeks before SPX. That's the close cutting I like to see.

I need to start working faster. It's not like my drawing can get much worse for it. I'm hoping I can have page 3 done by the 17th, page 4 by the 24th and then page 6 for the 30th. The 29th is Memorial day, so this better be doable.

The following week is MoCCA prep, but since the dates don't mesh precisely, I want to have page 7 for the 13th. Now I'm about a week ahead, finishing the art on September 20th. I should have 10 vacation days plus 4th of July in there. I'll need at least three of those days just for SPX itself, but that leaves 8 potential days — or an extra week —hell, it's like TWO extra weeks since I can work all day and be fully rested the whole time.

It's POSSIBLE I could be done with arts on September 6th. Five weeks before SPX. Factor a week of SPX prep and I could even be well into Chapter 2 by the time we go to Bethesda.

Or I could live a little in the mean times.


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