Sunday, January 14, 2007


Slowin' it downs for the big finale.

The whole ending scene in the eighth issue of EMAW didn't even exist until after Christmas. It was then that I watched and rewatched, respectfully, the two things that would trigger the whole hullabaloo at Rabbits.

The first thing I watched was Lady, Play Your Mandolin, an early, pre-Porky Merry Melodies short starring Foxy — essentially Mickey Mouse with more tail. In it, Foxy goes to a saloon where a (Minnie) Foxy sings the title song. All the characters are drunk off their asses and they all go ga-ga for the singer and their own antics.

The second thing was Blue Velvet, one of my all-time favorite movies. Each time I watch it, something else strikes a different chord with me. This time it was the club scene where Kyle MacLachlan catches Dennis Hopper weeping at the beauty of Isabella Rosellini singing the title song. I used to think that the song was the one thing that soothed the savage, but now I think that the song just makes him crazier differently.

Anyway, working on the last page, I decided to slow things down a bit, especially for the page's first panel. There are a lot of characters in it, and they're all stampeding counter-directionally. The last part is the hardest aspect, as I've internalized left-right momentum to such a degree that going the other way is a bit like writing with the wrong hand.

Here's how it's all breaking down. First, we have the thumbnail (which is where the 'writing' of my comics happens):

Next, there's my initial pencils:

In this case, I felt like I was losing some of the shapes and lines, to the point where I couldn't properly distinguish between positive and negative space. I decided to light table the pencils and do a quick marker markup to better establish what I wanted and where I wanted it:

I'm working on the second round of pencils now, and we'll see how that goes.


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