Monday, February 05, 2007


Here's the second round of pencils for the first panel of the first of the new pages. The pages use a 6-panel grid, but I may break those in half (upping the auntie to 8 pages) if I think it's all getting too small. The beats all happen on every third panel, so it shouldn't ruin anything.

Still, the idea of super-density appeals to me. We'll see if it works. If not, harmy fouls, as the kids say.

The thumbnails, where I wrote the pages out, were done in check-fraud-preventitive purple pen. Apparently, the ink absorbs into the paper to such a degree that it can't be erased. Who knew? Anyway, six panels on each 8.5x11 sheet of paper. The backsides of a certain old movie script.

I then pencilled each panel on 8.5x11 paper. Each panel is 9.75x8. Done in 8H pencil (the actual 8H of Turquoise brand and the soft-enough-to-be-HB 8H of Kimberly). I had to use what was already sharpenned, because I killed my pencil sharpener two weeks ago. I haven't replaced it because, I haven't had to do any pencilling until this weekend. Now I'm creeked up the shit.

I'm then light tabling those pencils onto 8.5x11 graph paper. With so many rounds, I'm trying to keep the thing loose, so, it's freehand. The graph paper helps keep lines from squiggling to far in any direction. These 'pencils' are actually felt-tip flair pens. A couple reasons. 1. I have no sharpened pencils left. 2. the felt-tip will read a lot better when I light table the final inks. A few, really. 3. The pens keep the liine loose, and I'm less likely to be overly careful. Ah-hem. Several. 4. The pen line is thicker and blunter than a pencil, giving me a better sense of line-negative space relation.

Anyway, here's a future city in lou's pen, proper perspective be dams:


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