Thursday, April 19, 2007


Must be all the rain and unseasonably cold temperatures, because people sure do seem to be getting cabin fever.

Okay, just because you can stand on one foot while putting your other foot behind your head and then kick straight up and then jackknife the whole works doesn't mean you should do it when you're standing next to the printer in the office, because that's where I keep my face. And then, suddenly, there you are, spread and contorted where I keep my face. That's no good. It's just no good. 'Cause sooner or later you're going to get all creeped out, and I'll only be doing what comes naturally. Let a man be, please.

Here's the felt-tip overlay layouts of the first four panels of the second page of the fifth chapter of the second part of Kaiju Jugoruma in the upcoming ninth issue of Earth Minds Are Weak. See? I do all my contortions at home.

I'll be incorporating a variation of the woodland scene (seen in previous posts) in the background.


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