Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well, THAT only took a week.

Schedule-wise, that's a pace that should me having the book done just in time for APE 2008, being held in November next year. OY!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were pretty much devoured by Suave Prospects of all things! What happened? Our last album came out in 2004! Our next one might be done before 2008! MAYBE! It looks like it's going to be called Tongues in Cheeks. This must be how it feels to be the really eager member of Portishead. We listened to Marcos' new mixes, made a fresh beat and laid vocals. It looks like a 9-Track album. Two other tracks might be included, saved for a later Suave album or used on something called Leisure Box: WHAM of Hip Hop!

It's a strange album, for me. First of all, it took forever to get us all in the right place at the right time. Second, some of these tracks have been sitting as demos for years. Third, it's not as refined as Forbiden Libidinals and contains no guest vocals. Fourth, while some tracks were partly recorded in this apartment, MOST of the work was/is being done at Marcos' solo pad. That might be the weirdest thing. I'm not living with this album, the way I did the others. Also, I'm just not as involved in all the nutsy bolts as I once was.

But, we've listened to most of it, and I think it sounds pretty awesome. Perfect for grandmas at Christmas.

Anyway, here's page 2 of EMAW #10:

Panel one sure has a lot of patterns in it. That's what took the longest to do. I finally stopped making more patterns when I was considering going in and detailing the weave of Bern's jacket. Also, it took me forever to finally arrive upon that layout. The sign on the building will be a reappropriation of the RABBIT'S signage from EMAW #8. The underside of the cars will probably be REMAKERIST ads.

Part of me still wants to add some Metalic Sheen (née Estevez) to those cars. But I'm going to move on, for now.

Panel 2 brings back two characters from #8 who will be playing a bigger role in this issue. It also gets us back into RABBIT'S. The first 10 or so pages should have quite a few callbacks to #8.

Now onto Page 3!


Blogger Marcos Perez said...

suave prospects albums:

2 in 2001

1 in 2002

1 in 2003

1 in 2004

Now its 2007 and we're still waiting

what had a bigger effect.

comics? or bigger expectations after forbidden?

perhaps old schools return is the wave of the future.

5:00 PM  
Blogger Justin J. Fox said...

2+ EP in 2001!

It was like half outputs out front!

Comics had the bigger effect. I started EMAW during the Forbidden sessions and but only started really drawing on it after we recorded. And that's when TSM and Carl started.

One year after the album dropped, we were at APE first time!

Also, less Neil, more lesbians and girlfriends meant less Suave.

6:20 PM  

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