Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The big preview page for Earth Minds Are Weak #9 is up. 29 FREAKIN' PAGES!

Here's what someone said about it:

The book is 59 pages of comics, and two pages of notes. And a handy recap page! Also, color covers. The whole thing comprises Chapter 5 of KAIJU JUGORUMA. Cults! Secret police! Flying cars! Rubber fetish! Ultra-violence! Bondage! Transvestites! Geological history! Geriatric street gangs! Robots! Murder most foul!

It's a romp of proportions!

Marcos said, "Sure, it makes sense. What's for dinner?"

Kenny said, "I honestly think you have one of the most eye-catching headers on comics these days..."

Justin said, "She looks like she's wearing a child's bedroom!"


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