Thursday, September 13, 2007


I've been following all the logo studies over at Todd Klein's blog, which has been pretty fascinating. It's also been timely, because I've been thinking about creating a new logo for issue 9. As happy as I am about the logo idea for issue 8, I decided that it treats all the information a little too evenly. Actually, I guess it really emphasizes the CHAPTERS 1-4 over everything else, buries the EARTH MINDS ARE WEAK in favor of KAIJU JUGORUMA (itself more diminished than I'd like).

Here's the new version:

I decided to retain the black band-vs.-white band motif, but decided to put everything together instead of letting it run all over the border. The KAIJU JUGORUMA was hand-drawn with a blue fine point sharpie (my fattest marker). I actually hand-drew the parts that are now fonts, but I decided that it made everything look a little too rough. Maybe now it looks a little too fonty, I don't know.

It's also going to make the art on the page a little more vertical, but I think the cover image will work well in that ratio (6.5" x 5").

For now, it is my sharpest of logos.

Okay, just the last page to do, one panel redo and the cover left to go. WHOO-HOO!


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