Saturday, October 27, 2007


4 pages in eleven days! That actually gets me closer to a February end date. WHOOT! WHOOT! I like that jibby cut.

Thyis is my Human Diastrophism page. Although, just now flipping through every version of Human Diastrophism I have, I see that it's not really accurate. It still feels kinda Beto to me. I guess it's better that it's closer to a Hernandez page in my mind than an actual page. But it does make me wonder what I was thinking of.

He was doing some funky letterforms in his titles at the time. And girls dancing in silhouette probably happens dozens of times.

Everything here was done with #7 or #8 brushes, except for the small faces, done with a Rod Stewart india ink marker. OH!

This is also one of my Crazy in Love pages. For a long time, I've wanted to make a comic that looked the way Crazy in Love sounded. It came out of my never-formed ideas of what a hip-hop comic might look like. I spent an undo amount of time on that problem and did all sorts of trashbin-destined diagrams, even. I think the opening sequence in this book is the closest I've come to realizing that questionable dream — all I had to do was stop thinking about it!

This is also the Body Malone page! Body Malone was the first song the Suave Prospects wrote after their one and only live performance. It also might be the song that would sound best perfomed live. IRONY!


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