Sunday, March 23, 2008


Another page that won't be as described. I imagine this will actually be page 27 or something. But it's the 30th done.

My all-too-common slothfulness and the worst (hopefully) allergy attack of my years took me ridiculously out of action this week. Jack was thankful.

In pop culture, the new Gnarls Barkley is ok. It's actually very ok, but it lacks that hook the first one had. I was really hoping for hits wazoo, and they gave us take it it's done. Which is fine. Pleasant enough.

New Portishead song? Machine Gun? Terrible. Terrible. Awful. Horrible. Lousy. So disappointing.

New Atlas Sound? So far, I'd say it was less arbitrary than Deerhunter's Cryptograms, but not nearly as great as Fluorescent Grey. Falls between.

Children of Men. If you look past the magic problem solved through magic (which is really only a problem in the final scene), this was awesome. Not better than Y tu Mama Tambien, but maybe more explicit in telling a different movie in the background from the one in the foreground.

Slings and Arrows. The West Wing of Canadian Shakespeare Festival tv shows. Full of passionately explicating subtext, something I'm a sucker for. Made me want to get my Shakespeare on again.

Obama speech. Speaking of West Wing, Marcos emailed Kenny and I and said, "I think Leo just handed Obama a napkin." Possibly the best political speech of my lifetime.

Jeff Noon's Vurt. Psychadelipunk? Whatever. Future virtual reality drugs, Brave New Worlds, British club scenesters, incest. Nice, light sci-fi.


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