Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Nearly done with page 5. Just some more detailing to do. But I need to stop, tomight.

That post should be fairly substantial, though. And THEN I'll post my How Did This Happen panel. And THEN I'll do my minicomics post. Possibly I'll touch on the Heidi as well.

THEN I'll get into page 6. THEN I'll do the next thing...

Then, then, then.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Initial pencils for page 5 are down. It's 16 panels, so it's alot of stuff. Pack it in!

Figured out the Ames guide, so I'll be ready with that. And I bought coffee, so I should be rarin' to go in the morning. I'll probably do another pass on the pencils tonight and then get to bed.

If I get this done tomorrow, than Monday can be all about mail and How Did This Happen. And that post I've been wanting to get to!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


4 pages in eleven days! That actually gets me closer to a February end date. WHOOT! WHOOT! I like that jibby cut.

Thyis is my Human Diastrophism page. Although, just now flipping through every version of Human Diastrophism I have, I see that it's not really accurate. It still feels kinda Beto to me. I guess it's better that it's closer to a Hernandez page in my mind than an actual page. But it does make me wonder what I was thinking of.

He was doing some funky letterforms in his titles at the time. And girls dancing in silhouette probably happens dozens of times.

Everything here was done with #7 or #8 brushes, except for the small faces, done with a Rod Stewart india ink marker. OH!

This is also one of my Crazy in Love pages. For a long time, I've wanted to make a comic that looked the way Crazy in Love sounded. It came out of my never-formed ideas of what a hip-hop comic might look like. I spent an undo amount of time on that problem and did all sorts of trashbin-destined diagrams, even. I think the opening sequence in this book is the closest I've come to realizing that questionable dream — all I had to do was stop thinking about it!

This is also the Body Malone page! Body Malone was the first song the Suave Prospects wrote after their one and only live performance. It also might be the song that would sound best perfomed live. IRONY!


I changed "freaks" to ladies. No real reason.

Page 4 is another full-pager, and I think I can knock it out pretty quickly.

Friday, October 26, 2007


I THINK page 3 is actually done. Full-page splash for ketchups! That's April now. I'm trying to decide if I should detail the DJ booth or not... We'll see when I get it up on the internet!

I finally bought an AMES guide, forgetting that pages 3-4 don't have traditional lettering. Oops. Well, maybe I'll get to use it on Sunday. Or sometime next week.

I have a piece about OTHER PROPLE's comics that I've been working out in my brains. It's been a while sine I've written about someone else's work. BEST OF 2006, maybe? It will cover some books from both MoCCA and SPX. All minis, baby.

I watched The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension again. Didn't we used to think that movie was really confusing when we were kids? Imagine a sci-fi/super hero movie these days with as straight-forward a plot. And what a CAST!
Peter Weller! John Lithgow! Ellen Barkin! Jeff Goldblum! Christopher Lloyd as John Bigboote (Big Boo-TAY!) Clancy Brown! Carl Lumbly! Vincent Schiavelli! Dan Hedaya! Yakov Smirnoff! Deleted Jamie Lee Curtis! It takes place mostly in New Jersey! It's like a movie made just for me.

I think once I've got a few pages from #10 in, I'll finally finish that How Did This Happen panel.

I've also started something else, but it's something I can do at work and shouldn't detract from main projects. I might talk about it more when I know I'm stivking with it.

ALSO, I'm still trying to work out another book I hope to have ready for MoCCA. We'll see!

Okay, now for a little Big Trouble in Little China (I'VE NEVER SEEN IT!)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well, THAT only took a week.

Schedule-wise, that's a pace that should me having the book done just in time for APE 2008, being held in November next year. OY!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were pretty much devoured by Suave Prospects of all things! What happened? Our last album came out in 2004! Our next one might be done before 2008! MAYBE! It looks like it's going to be called Tongues in Cheeks. This must be how it feels to be the really eager member of Portishead. We listened to Marcos' new mixes, made a fresh beat and laid vocals. It looks like a 9-Track album. Two other tracks might be included, saved for a later Suave album or used on something called Leisure Box: WHAM of Hip Hop!

It's a strange album, for me. First of all, it took forever to get us all in the right place at the right time. Second, some of these tracks have been sitting as demos for years. Third, it's not as refined as Forbiden Libidinals and contains no guest vocals. Fourth, while some tracks were partly recorded in this apartment, MOST of the work was/is being done at Marcos' solo pad. That might be the weirdest thing. I'm not living with this album, the way I did the others. Also, I'm just not as involved in all the nutsy bolts as I once was.

But, we've listened to most of it, and I think it sounds pretty awesome. Perfect for grandmas at Christmas.

Anyway, here's page 2 of EMAW #10:

Panel one sure has a lot of patterns in it. That's what took the longest to do. I finally stopped making more patterns when I was considering going in and detailing the weave of Bern's jacket. Also, it took me forever to finally arrive upon that layout. The sign on the building will be a reappropriation of the RABBIT'S signage from EMAW #8. The underside of the cars will probably be REMAKERIST ads.

Part of me still wants to add some Metalic Sheen (née Estevez) to those cars. But I'm going to move on, for now.

Panel 2 brings back two characters from #8 who will be playing a bigger role in this issue. It also gets us back into RABBIT'S. The first 10 or so pages should have quite a few callbacks to #8.

Now onto Page 3!

Friday, October 19, 2007

EMAW 10-1

Page 1! Needs some tweaking, but dones!

That took FOREVER! Why do I do this?

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Well, now that I've begun a new issue of EMAW, it seems like I should also continue a tradition I started ages ago:

The creation of a schedule! This time, I'll be hitting dates. For real. Seriously. I'll do it.

I decided to create an arbitrary page count of 50 pages. More pagesthan #8, fewer than #9. I have no idea how many pages it will actually entail, since I've only actually written 7, and one of those has already been appropriated for the cover. But 50 seems like a nice round approximate guess. Of course 50 pages means about 3 pages of backmatter, but it's best not to think about that sort of thing that early in the game.

Anyway, I've created seven schedules based on a worst-case scenario page/day average,a best-case and two middle-cases. It's a page/day average because there will be days when I get multiple pages done and days when I don't get any done. Nature beast.

1 Page/5 Days = Page 50 finished on July 15

1 Page/4 Days = Page 50 finished on May 3

1 Page/3 Days = Page 50 finished on March 14

2 Pages/5 Days = Page 50 finished on Feb. 15

1 Page/2 Days = Page 50 finished on Jan. 23

2 Pages/3 Days = Page 50 finished on Jan. 1

1 Page/1 Day Page = 50 finished on Dec. 6

Assuming I finish page 1 tonight, I'll have already begun on a Feb. 15 pace. That's appropriate, since around that time I'll be marking the end of my Year of Getting Better.

The last book took 6 months to complete. The book before that took about 6 months to complete. Six months from now, it will be the middle of April. BUT #9 was about 33% longer than #8. So, that's a reassuring sign. However, the Holidays are coming like Redcoat Pornos, and that's sure to be debilitating. Already people are finding things to distract me from the WORK (none of which I'd do if I didn't want to), when I really need to be focussing.

I've been asked to do things on 4-5 days of the next 9. Half my days. Let's say, for the sake of argument, that 2 Pages/5 Days requires 5 days of full work (as it already HAS). That means I might only be ACTUALLY WORKING 5 out of 10 days. Which would mean I'd finish 2 PAGES in 10 DAYS. That's 1 page/5 Days.


I think I've just cancelled at least two days worth of tentative plans.


At the cover without the yellow background. I can't print these out yet, so I can only judge them online for now.

And I'm about halfway through the inking on page 1.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Lettered and finished the borders for page 1.

I bought some Pilot Varsity pens for SPX, just to have something a little different to work with. Decided to try some lettering with them. I like it a lot! I think I'll settle on these for a while, until I inevitably change my mind.

Watching Jesus Camp during breaks. It's heart-breaking stuff. I think I'd cry if I did it all in one go.


This guy. You should read his SPX roundup. It gleans pretty close to what I'd say, and it's full of fists! Also, somebody give me a cracker, or something. Man, it looks like I was posing for a Statue of Liberty poem lookalike contest.

Also, I keep forgetting to add his link to this page (because I can look at it at work), but you should check out Matt Reidsma's site. THIS PAGE features a lot of SPX cartoonists, Marcos, and me with a goatee! I really need to darken my sidefaces...


Initial pencils for the fist page are done. I'll tighten them up tomorrow and then decide if I'm inking straight away or pencilling a few for the can.

Already, I'm trying something a little more adventurous, and I hop it works. Also, I;m really liking what's on the page.

Now, back to vegging a bit before bed.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The big preview page for Earth Minds Are Weak #9 is up. 29 FREAKIN' PAGES!

Here's what someone said about it:

The book is 59 pages of comics, and two pages of notes. And a handy recap page! Also, color covers. The whole thing comprises Chapter 5 of KAIJU JUGORUMA. Cults! Secret police! Flying cars! Rubber fetish! Ultra-violence! Bondage! Transvestites! Geological history! Geriatric street gangs! Robots! Murder most foul!

It's a romp of proportions!

Marcos said, "Sure, it makes sense. What's for dinner?"

Kenny said, "I honestly think you have one of the most eye-catching headers on comics these days..."

Justin said, "She looks like she's wearing a child's bedroom!"


Okay, made all my jpgs and thumbnails for the EMAW#9 preview. It will be 29 pages long and short! OF IT! I'll post link once it's up. Probably after I eat dinners.

One day, I hope to get the older issue previews up as well. I need an intern.


Just to get a sense of what the cover might look like in color, using #8's scheme:

Monday, October 15, 2007


Well, I was going to do a bunch of other things oday, but I wound up doing a lot more for the cover of issue 10 than I'd originally planned.

Here it is without the color:

I have listened to the new Radiohead (In Rainbows) several times. First listen: ok, but it ended before I started getting into it. Second time, the same. Third time: a lot of the songs seem to end before they really seem to start, carrying over to the whole album; also, are they reusing a lot of the same sonics from the last four albums? Fourth time: it's starting to grow on me. Perhaps one day, I'll like lit the way I've come to love Hail to the Thief or accept the greatness of Amnesiac. It's certainly not as immediately awesome as Kid A, OK Computer or the Bends. But it's miles better than Eraser.

ESC 2007 | Switzerland | DJ Bobo - Vampires Are Alive

I hate everyone who didn't tell me about this: the greatest song ever.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


SPX was great. Good times. People. Things. Will probably write more tomorrow. I'll also work on the main site and get the full #9 preview up.

Got home, vegged and then went right into issue ten. I'm about a third of the way through inking the cover — first time I've ever done a cover before the contents.

I should have the inked version up tomorrow, here, as well as the other stuff.

Now, I'm pretty wiped.

Monday, October 01, 2007


The latest, and possibly last, version of the cover. I'm running out of time!

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