Saturday, June 30, 2007


So, I've just written out 10 more pages for the new issue to add to the beginning. I'm now looking at 42 story pages. Egads!

But I've caught up on my scanning and should have more pages to post in the coming week. Like an avalanche, baby. And new pages on top of that. Here's to the new crazy!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Monday, June 25, 2007


Just a quick 20-minute coloring job of page 17. It's not going to b the cover, but there might be something in the fall where it will be in color. Obviously, I'll need to fix the dudes at the top of the page, but I just wanted to do something quick and painless while my brain is still mush after MoCCA.


MoCCA 07 Festival report here. I'm glad I took the day off from work to recover. I might take a 16-hour nap now.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Page 19:


Since I showed various incarnations of the bottom half of page 18, I thought I'd show the inked version of the top half which sets up the gag. Here are the two together in close proximity:

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Here's my own inking of the bottom half of page 18:

The original pencils are here. And Kenny's inked and colored versions are here.

There's a line from the original pencils that I need to remove. I drew it, Kenny inked it, Kenny colored based on it, I inked it... but it's wrong wrong wrong. And I'm not sure why a chunk of the right silhouette didn't scan. That's weird. My version is more chaotic, with the glass and all. It probably doesn't read as well as Kenny's. I just suck, let's face it.


Kenny took my pencils from the previous post and did a lunchtime inking and coloring of the panel.

Did he do better than Vince Colletta? You make a call:

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


...with deeeeetail.

Page 18 is taking a lot longer to do than I thought it would. It's only two panels, and one is fairly simple. But the second? The second is going to be crazy and I really really really really hope it works. It's a crazy action scene of gun violence, kick violence and blood. Not my usual forte.

Anyway, I did a first pass with a 9H pencil to get the basic composition. Then it was ruler and 6H pencil time. Then I went in with the 6Bs for the figures. Then I went over that on a sheet of tracing vellum with a purple non-photo pencil. Then I went in with a non-photo blue for all the glass shards (they didn't photo).

I scanned it an blew it up big-times for YOU. Check it out:

Music for this? I decided to shelve the metal/post-rock/thrash/drone/noise/progressive/doom/death tunes for something truly violent:

Elton John's Greatest Hits. C'mon, who DOESN'T want to kick in a window and shoot lots of people when they hear Daniel or Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me?

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Well, I had three key images I wanted to get to when I started this issue. One is getting pushed back to a later chapter, one didn't turn out the way I wanted it to and led to me changing up my approach to the later pages, and the third was PAGE 17:

I'm pretty ok with that.

Friday, June 08, 2007


After falling absolutely in love with the two Isis albums I downloaded, I went over to All Music and iTunes for more. MORE! So, I got more. And then I got some Pelican and some Cult of Luna and some This Will Destroy You and some Converge. The last isn't really post-rock, and the others are a little on the progressively less-metal than Isis side of things, but it all makes for very nice zone out and focus on work music.

Speaking of, I realized i scanned those panels from page 13 in before i finished them. Oops. Just Big Man's hair and beard and some drop shadows for grounding. There's also to be some text on the windows, but I'm typing that.

Page 14 is halfway done. Need to get to those emails I meant to do today...

Thursday, June 07, 2007




So many things I've not blogged about. I've got a stack of the comics I want to say something about but haven't gotten to yet. I've got a thick folder of music worth mentioning (new indie darling Battles: remember when they were called Yes? Why is it that no one told me about post-rock/prog-metal band Isis? They are ridiculously awesome! The National: Leonard Cohen's off days fronting Interpol and doing his best Ian Curtis?).

I also have many emails to get to. Tomorrow. Thursday is email day. I've got, like, six immediates to do. The most recent backlog first, I always say.

I'm nearly done inking page 13 of EMAW 9. I printed out some test pages, to see how badly I had botched the first 12. 50/50 botchy, it seems. Back when I decided to work as huge as scanable, the original plan was to have more versatility of line. But, I somehow took that as license to cram as much crap into each panel as possible. So, something that was supposed to open things up and increase my speed wound up getting more crowded than ever and taking forever to do.

That's why in rewriting the last two thirds of this issue, I decided to open things up a bit more in that initial stage. I'm also back to working at the size I was working at for most of EMAW 8, but with more lessons learned. It's roughly the same size ratio mainstream cartoonists work at. I also decided that I needed to pop some comics viagra and bone up on some Kirby tricks (hence the latest How Did This Happen? panel) and some Jason. Gone are the days of reading their works for pleasure, and now are the days of studying them for minimalism. I think the book is going to benefit from such intense boning — until it doesn't and I need to rethink things again.

Since I was changing things up a bit, I decided to check out Paul Pope's blog to see if he was doing the exact opposite of me. And, look, he is. Click on the pic to see an incredibly dense, 19 x 56 drawing, a preview of THE NEXT THB!!!! yay. I figure, as long as I'm always doing the exact opposite of Pope, I'm at least doing something. And that's better than doing nothing at all.

So, tomorrow, along with finishing emails and page 13 and starting page 14, I'll post some of page 13. Here's aiming to have 20 pages done before MoCCA.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Who doesn't like Apocalypso music? Panel 16 up on How Did This Happen?!

Go toos!

Monday, June 04, 2007


In case Marcos and Kenny look at this before I talk to them:

I SUCK. I Know, I suck.

It will be done before you go to bed on Monday.

Drunkenly yours,

Two Thumbs

Saturday, June 02, 2007



Jesus, Judas and Buddha! I think I got it to 32 pages! So, only 20 to draw! oy...

What does this mean? Well, the page that was supposed to be the first page of the second chapter and became the first page of this, the FIFTH chapter, then turned into the final page of THIS chapter is now getting pushed to somewhere in the SEVENTH or EIGHTH chapter! OUCH!

I just came to page 32 and realized it made the perfect chapter break. I could push it out to bring it all together, but the daunting task of finishing 20 pages before publishing is less than that of finishing 28+ pages before then.

Besides, that was just a different cliffhanger. I like this one better. Especially since it has an actual cliff in the image — whoo-hoo!

Okay, the plan for tonight is to do that one last lingering panel and maybe scan what remains to scan. Then, tomorrow, I begin the new pages. JOY!


So, I w there. One redo panel away from having 12 pages in the can.

The plan was for this next issue, EMAW #9 to be 20 pages. About half of the last issue. And it was to be tight goings insane up to the deadline. Eight pages in 22 days. WHEW! Plus cover, plus digitals, plus backups, plus printing, plus assembling. Ouch.

But, I was going to work like it was going to get done in time. If I didn't, the worst would be that it would be ready in a week or two after MoCCA.

Well, it's not going to happen. Last night, I started rewriting seven of the last 8 pages (One page is static. It was originally supposed to be the FIRST page of the issue, but it keeps getting pushed further and further back for storytelling). Anyway, as I was rewriting those seven pages, I started opening things up a bit more. Some bigger panels, some smaller panels. Trying to give things a bit more air. Trying to focus on the things I'm really good at (like dialogue) and focusing a little less on the things I'm not so good at (like complex backgrounds). I wanted to have fewer 2.5" panels with 15 people in them, all talking at once.

So, some bigger action panels, some bigger romance panels, some smaller single talking head panels. I gave voice to some characters that had none, I fleshed out, a bit, some characters that did. I remembered that this was supposed to take place in a strange future, not a strange present, so I threw in a robot — necessitating the addition of a robot into an earlier scene (luckily, it's a scene with space in the existing panels to squeeze one in).

Anyway, I just wrote out page 26 and I'm about halfway through rewriting. It's for the better, really. YES, I did want to have something spanking new for the show. YES, I did want to prove to myself that I could be quick about it. YES, I'm still working like I'm going to finish in time, even if I'm not. HOWEVER, I also want this to be super-duper awesome. Ass-kick 9th degree. Johnny Blaze? Sure. But Tony Starks? Even better. Do the iron man like it's a sprint.

Honestly. I'm laughing my fat ass off with some of this new stuff. Suddenly, this book has become character maximus, plotus extremis and romance fantastico. Will it be 40 pages? Probably. Will I want to shoot myself in the head when it's done? I got silver bullets never let me down in the chamber. Will I have issue 10 ready for SPX? To sleep, to dream...

Oh, what's the damn quote? Not the Hamlet. There's a fucking quote and the damn internet isn't helping. To sleep, to dream, to wake, to... crap.

Friday, June 01, 2007


It's been freaking long since I last posted. Crazy. Been having the computer at the dayjorb for page layouts while doing the drawing at holmes. Also, the cleaning. I'm not sitting on those laurels (they aggravate the skin of my tokhes)! Spic and span, the abode is and shall ever be.

Here's a panel from EMAW #9:

Only 21 days left! Oh, my tokhes...
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