Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Okay, I'm thinking about this again. Foam core. Foam core is the way to go. Why would I use illustration board? That just crazty talk. Foam core won't buckle after two days. Also, it's foamy for sticking. I could hole the whole thing together with those long t-pins. Excess foam core could be used for micro shelving.

The widest book I have is 5.5". I think we'll each have 24" at the table, but I'd like mine to be as dense as possible. I can have four rows of 2 on a 28" high board. With 1" separating each row. The top two rows can hold EMAW 1–4 in a 12" high space. Going all the way to the top. Row three holds EMAW 5 (envelope) and 6 with the 1" divider; that row is 9.5" high. Row four has the exploded #5, the three issues (5.5" wide, 2 1/8" wide and 4.25 inches wide). A 5.5" high book with a 1" divider on top.

This only works with
A) no bottom shelf (books resting on the table),
B) shelves of less than 1"
C) very few design elements on the display itself

I don't want to make the backend higer than 24" and I don't want to go wider than 12" (half my space)—partially to create a really dense experience and partially in case my estimate is way off base. Also, those guys are going to take up a LOT of space, because that's how they roll.

More thinking to come.


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