Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More thinking about displays

Yes, I never stop.

I didn't go with my original idea for a huger display because I would have had to break it down into too many pieces for the flight to SF. The next show is in NY, which means I can do just about anything I want. Also, I have very little printing to do to prepare for the show (thanks APE!), so I have a little extra time on my hands. I want to work on something short and quick for MoCCA bookwise, but the display is mostly me thinking at work and actually doing very little labor at home. The comics stuff is the opposite as most of the thinking and labor have to take place at home.

So, thinking about lessons learned and the fact that the goal is to make the books as easy to look at for the shiest of customers.

First, I'm going with my original design of a 15" deep base and a 24" height. With the 28" hypotenuse. However, instead of pushing it back 15", I'm only setting it about 9" back. I thought about putting it all the way upfronts, but I want that flat edge for first eyes and flipping. 9" is deeper than I wanted, but it allows me to put #6 and #5 opens in that space.

On the slope, I have space for the first four issues, all displayed nicely down the left side with description at top and issue numbers, price and descriptions on the shelves.

On the right side, I'll put the more nicely displayed issues #5 and #6 with blown up arts, prices and descriptions.

Hanging off the front edge, I want a 12" banner stating EARTH MINDS ARE WEAK in bolds.

I think this will look really good. It will give people lots of space to move their eyes without looking at me. It will be clear and uncluttered. Also, I think it will allow me space for the next issues without creating a new display for each show.

One thing that worked out great this year was the foam core held together with straight pins. I plan on doing the same. Quick, easy assembly and sturdy.

Alos, I think I'll drink more alcohol and less coffee for edge removal.


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