Wednesday, April 12, 2006

BEST OF 2005

Just picked up the Comics Journal 275, featuring their picks for the best comics of 2005 and a big interview with David B. Two things alone that should make this one of the best issues of the Deppy regime.

Seven pages in is the big, full-page, full-color ad that Rob Sato took out for Burying Sandwiches. He pull-quoted me and made me seem like a real writer. I'm actually impressed with what I said. Of course, what I said is true, but the real ad is the ad itself. What a fantastic piece of work that is.

Please go to the above and buy his book. I don't say this as a friend, but for selfish reasons. The sooner he sells out of these, the sooner he'll be forced to make a new book, and that's what I want and need.

Since I hate to write a post without bitching a bit, I will. Why did no one write about minicomics for this issue? In fact, the whole "Best Of" format is a bit strange. Instead of single articles about twenty or so consensus pieces, we get twenty or so people doing their own lists. This creates several problems—one, you get lots of paragraphs and mentions of Black Hole (cough! cough!), obviously the greatest comic ever (eh-HEM!), and just the briefest of mentions of, oh I don't know, Burying Sandwiches.

Minicomics are just about completely ignored in the whole process. I'm not actually saying this out of selfish reasons, aside from a selfish desire to see what I might have (probably) missed. Also, I've met some of the people making these books, and some of them deserve serious credit. And I haven't met many others, and they deserve credit too.

Now I'm getting a badbadbabdbabdbad idea...


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