Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Behind the scenes. This is the veiw from behind our table. It looks like a refuge camp. All of our bags and packing material and trash and exposed butt cracks. The real grit and grime behind the rockstar façade. That might be Ian Brill in the yellow shirt wondering if I'll ever stop stalking him. It might not be, though, since I just took the picture on the fly.The high-octane life of a comics creator has us all constantly on the go. This is APE in action!
Carey takes my picture as I take hers. Marcos wants the madness to end.
The main floor, where Fantagraphics, Drawn & Quarterly, Top Shelf, Oni, Slave Labor, Buenaventura Press and other self-publishers congregate.
Melina Mena and dude. Mena seemed like a very nice, polite girl maybe too normal for a comic book convention. I later read some of her comics and went to her website. She's very talented and... possibly deranged. I'll talk about the book when I do my book recaps.

Yes! I'm almost done with A.P.E. blogging. After a day of not really thinking about the show, some serious thoughts about what we can do to make the next show better, reading about the Journal contributors' favorite comics of 2005 and having a nice dinner with beers and Stacia, I'm putting things into better perspective. Oh, and watching Lost has me thinking about story structure and story structure has got me thinking about Kaiju Jugoruma making the comics. And now Bitches Brew is playing and I'm happy and relaxed and energised again.

I've been flipping through some of my catch from APE, and that's got me excited too.


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