Monday, April 24, 2006


Getting back to what I was saying earlier...

173 days to SPX. Subtract 7 days for SPX prep and 7 days for MoCCA prep. And two for MoCCA proper. Down to 157 days. Subtract another week for finishing the writing and finally sending out comp copies of EMAW #6. 150 days.

20 pages with nine panels each is 180 panels (I have to think in terms of panels because each panel will be about the size of one of my old pages, making this a 180-page book, in a sense).

At a panel of pencils a day, I should be done with the pencils 30 days after SPX. That just won't do. At two a day, I'll have 60 days to ink, layout in the computer, clean up and print. At four per day, I'll have 45 days of pencilling, 45 days of inking and 45 days of computer work with a 15-day cushion. This is the only way I can do the project.

It's possible that I can work faster, but it's also likely that I won't be able to maintain that sort of schedule. Oy.

But we'll make that the schedule anyway, and see if I'm able to make SPX.

Finish pencils on June 22.
Finish inks on August 7.
Finish puter work on September 21.
And then two weeks to SPX.

This is an agressive schedule with no time off. Not even Evelyn Fridays or holidays or moving my parents. I have about a week's worth of vacation time I can take down that road, and we're off for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. So that's another bit of cushion. And Evelyn goes to Puerto Rico in May, but I don't know the dates. That's at least one more weekend free though. I'll say 10 days all told.

The book is still going to be in black and white, so that's a bit of puter pressure off my back. But it's no reason to get cocky. And I hopefully won't change my mind. If I'm going at a page-a-day clip average by the time I hit inks—I may rethink this. Hopefully no more Dungeon collections come out in the next few months and make me start thinking about heavily saturated color (what a strange wish).


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