Thursday, May 04, 2006


Drinking another Sauvingnon Blanc. "Man" from South Africa. Even I'm a bit ashamed. Or am I? I'm sure the politics are fucked. Oh well, my clothes were made in Asian slave-labor sweatshops, so I might as wll go full-boer. It's a bit sweeter than the Chilean.

The first page of Kaiju Jugoruma was my first thought on the project. Yes, I actually think in sequences of panels sometimes. So, that was a page as thought. The second thought (I'm sure the time separation is almost immeasurable, but it was a second, distinct thought, like turning the brain page) makes up the first four panels of the second page. When I originally envisioned this, I was thinking in terms of a 12-panel grid. I realized that was even more impractical than the niner I'm using, and managed to rework the first page accordingly. I'm keeping the fourser for these panels because A) I think it still works with the bigguns words stacked like jugs and B) I was already reworking the thing to the nines when I found the next series of panels.

For the first panel, I printed out a font somewhere on my fonts list near Times New Roman and 'traced' it in brush on a templated piece of printer paper (rather than measure out new rules each panel, I'm doing full-size layouts on pre-bordered bright white). I kept it Lou's.Panel two was sketched on the template and light-tabled for Bristol, but I forgoned the pencil transfer and did it in straight ink. Eddie Campbell, the fuck, was still in my mind, and I actually tried to sense-memory the posture.Originally, the third panel was intended to be the one revealing the details, but I decided that the tier read better with the silo. I'm still trying to figure out if I'm right. Straight from layout to ink on this one too.Apparently, I'm the dumb, because I didn't upload the full-size fourth panel. Oh well. Here's the four-panel sequence. The fourth panel is actually closer to my brain-envision than my thumbnail was. My thumb was more 'Ta-DA!' and the final is more 'soakin in it'. There's a whole section of The Cheese Monkeys that gets into a college design assignment where the students were asked to illustrate a word. I had that in the back of my mind, even while I just went standards with it (Damn you, Chip Kidd, you're no better than Eddie Campbell). There's a whole Die Brucker/hiphop thing that was in my head when this sequence appeared too. "What happened to that?" I ask myself flipping through the next twenty pages.
The THIRD thought doesn't show up until the first page of chapter 2. After that, the chronology gets muddled in drafts, both paper and lager.

Hopefully, my workputer will recognize blogger fonts tomorrow. All day, I could read nothing and my images came out as bold cyrilics.


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