Thursday, May 18, 2006


Well, after meeting Gnarls Barkley, the love of my life, I decided to try some new girls out.

The Coup, Pick a Bigger Weapon. Not sure why I've never heard of these guys before. It's Outkast-lite with more politics. Wanting to eat, drink and fuck to bring the revolution nearer. As close to his woman in bed as W and Saddam. Beatswise is Outkast without the crazy, boots sounds a bit like Andre but almost all rapping and without any crazy speed. It's pretty good. Only enjoyable.

Scott Walker, The Drift. Someone ELSE I never heard of before. Avant-garde/abstract music. My Life In the Bush with Ghosts stretched out and minimalized like Music for Airports. Xiu Xiu being water tortured. Nick Cave's ambient dance music for a tar pit discoteque. Very interesting stuff. Not everyday stuff, but I think a few listens will make it stuff I'll be happy to hear again.


Blogger Marcos Perez said...

i jacked that from your pooter the other morning btw. i enjoy the gnarls barkley.

3:20 PM  
Blogger Justin J. Fox said...

yeah, it's just plain fun.

3:29 PM  

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