Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hello, my sweet bitches!

So, it turns out I wasn't half as drunk as I thought I was last Wednesday, but I was 100% more ill than I would've guessed. That probably explains why Tropical Story Dean was so laugh-out-loud hysterectical. Anyway, fever, massive conjestion and mucal flow. The whole shebop. Then, istead of recovering, I went and did Manuel Lebor. That sent the remaining illness right into my lungs. Fun times! Nothing quite like coughing snot out of your chest! This is how sick I was — I actually helped someone out in a jam. It's nice to have my head returned and my white blood cells back to doing what they do best: fighting off any tenderness of the heart.

Bla-bla-bla, martyr martyr martyr, feeling better.

Discovered that I never scanned in the above page. Done now. Catching back up to the old works. About three quarters done inking the page I had half pencilled the other day. I must get done soon.

Now, though, exhausted. Need to get my ugly sleep in. Lots of catch up to do there as well.


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