Saturday, April 05, 2008


When I'm not running around Jersey City like a drunken Falstaf or ranting about comic ethics or watching Django (Django!) or falling absolutely in love with the Sian Alice Group*, I'm sometimes getting work done. Here's me making incremental progress:

*Remember when you first heard Grace or Little Earthquakes or Dummy (sitting cross legged on the floor of Beth Fisher's room maybe a foot or two apart from one another and listening to the album get darker and thicker as the sun set outside). I got that feeling when I listened to Sian Alice Group's 59.59. It's dark, it's slow-building, it's sexy, it's experimental, it's ambient, it's bluesy, it's melodic, it's noise, it sort of drifts in and out of your immediate attention and it's beautiful. Unfortunately, I first listened to it in the office. Totally not a great first time.


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