Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Ah, the sick day. Was pretty pissed at my office yesterday. They made us stay the entire day even though no one had any work to do after noon. And no work was going to come in since our clients all had the day off. I know it's pretty Tom Petty of me, but it was just madness.

Did I mention that Optical Sloth has continued its look at EMAW with a Lincoln review? Marcos comes across pretty good in my review.

So, I took the day to work on #6 well into the wee hours last night and through the day today. All spreads built. Two spreads colored. The book wasn't even supposed to be puter ready until the 25th, so I'm about a week ahead.

Speaking of weeks. One to go before Newsradio S3.

Six and a half weeks before APE. That corner just keeps getting more arounder.


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