Tuesday, March 28, 2006



Thinking about the way the majors play. They push the new over the old, the best-seller over the steady. The eye-catching over the dull.

So, I'm thinking of pushing the first four issues to the 12" x 15" inch table space I'm hoping to have at the base. I may even create a table mat to better show off the books with a design element that echoes the standing display.

Now, I've got a 12' x 28" angled space to play with. Three rows. I can fit EMAW #6, two across the top row. Put a #5 envelope on the second, with the three enclosed books next to it and below it. This should give me plenty of space around the books (not really to the sides of #6, but enough so that they shouldn't go over the edges.

With 1" between rows 1 and 2, 2" between 2 and 3 and one inch on the bottom, I have five inches at the top for a logo.

Now we need to figure out how to weigh down the leading edge.

We also have to discuss as a group how to handle front of table decoration and pole decoration.


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